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Nestled in the heart of Denver, Colorado, you’ll find the Highlands – a captivating neighborhood that seamlessly weaves together history, art, nature, and a vibrant community atmosphere. I also make it a point to bring friends to this neighborhood for a drink to show them ...

Nestled in the heart of Denver, Colorado, you’ll find the Highlands – a captivating neighborhood that seamlessly weaves together history, art, nature, and a vibrant community atmosphere. I also make it a point to bring friends to this neighborhood for a drink to show them what my favorite neighborhood is.

This exceptional district narrates a story of evolution and advancement while staying firmly connected to its origins. Highlands Denver, situated just a stone’s throw away from Sunnyside, I-70, and downtown this proximity makes the Highlands Denver an ideal residential choice if you cherish leisurely weekends exploring on foot, hopping between bars, all without the hustle and bustle becoming overwhelming.

Neighborhood Overview

Denver’s Highlands is rooted in its historical fabric, bustling community, prime location, and the stories it holds.

  • Highlands Denver History and Culture: From its origins as a rural outpost in the 1800’s, Highlands Denver has transformed into one of the most sought after and enjoyed neighborhoods in the area. The mix of historic homes and modern designs paints a picture of Denver’s architectural journey.
  • Diverse Community: The Highlands is home to a dynamic mix of people, creating a colorful cultural tapestry. The sense of unity among residents makes newcomers feel welcome.
  • Perfect Location: Located in Denver’s northern district, the Highlands is a sought-after neighborhood. Here’s why:
  1. Its proximity to downtown
  2. Easy access to public transportation
  3. Rocky Mountains in the background
  4. Access to I-70
  5. Plentiful bars and restaurants in walking distance
  6. Safety
  • Honoring Heritage: The Highlands Denver area takes pride in its history, which is evident in its annual celebrations. These events celebrate the past while fostering a sense of community.

The Thriving Art Scene of Highlands Denver

Highlands denver

When it comes to the Highlands in Denver, the conversation is incomplete without highlighting its thriving and food and drink scene. The neighborhood is graced with numerous breweries and restaurants that are hard to get a reservation for. Let’s also not forget the ice cream at Little Man!

The Perfect Community Layout – Highlands Denver

Forget the beauty of all the art surrounding the town – let’s talk about how well laid out this neighborhood is

  • Ample Parking: Unlike other parts of Denver, Highlands always has some parallel parking available. Although you may need to park a few blocks away from your destination, the walk to the pub is never bad in Highlands Denver.
  • Spectacular Views: Hop on the top of Avanti’s for a beer and take a look at the city skyline. There are few views that offer an unintruded skyline look.
  • Spacious: Many city neighborhoods experience some serious clutter of people and trash. Even at the most popular time to be in Highlands, you will not feel overcrowded in the slightest.

Amenities and Facilities in Highlands Denver

The Highlands neighborhood in Denver exudes an irresistible charm that weaves through its vibrant community. Let’s take a closer look at a thoughtfully curated selection of facilities and amenities that transform this Denver gem into a picturesque haven for families..

Education: Many people that look to settle down in Highlands are concerned with what education is available.

  • Public Schools: Denver North Highschool lays right on the border of Highlands Denver.

Highlands Denver – The Culinary Arts

Avanti’s, Happy Camper, Cart Driver, just to name a few, are all spots you need to check out.

Top 5 Dining Spots

  1. Uncle: You think that you’ve had good ramen? Guess again.
  1. Cart Driver: I come from New Jersey were good bread is plentiful. About every three months I crave the Focaccia bread from cart driver. There is not any bread from New Jersey that I crave as much as this. Go try it.
  1. Avanti: If your group cannot decide on what they want, Avanti is great idea. You can enjoy beautiful views of the city and chose what food you want to indulge in. I would highly recommend a fried chicken sandwich, but… that’s up to you…!
  1. Sassafras Eatery: Cute little brunch spot. When you walk in you think its just your normal place to grab a bite to eat. If you are lucky enough to get a table, you’ll understand that it is not just a cute spot. The food is top notch.
  1. Postino: If you are looking for light fair in the Highlands Denver area and maybe a happy hour wine special. Postino never disappoints. We use this spot as a great lunch spot on the weekend or a spot to grab drinks before a night out.

Top 3 Breweries

  1. Zuni Street Brewing – Someone gave me a free beer card to this spot and I was not expecting the beer to be too good considering it was, well, free. I weas wrong. It was the best free beer of my life. I go back maybe once a month. The Suni Street IPA was that free beer I keep referring to if you were asking.
  1. Oasis Brewery – I would say this spot is a little more upper-echelon. The patio is great, I tend to hit this spot a lot in the fall and spring when it is not scorching hot out.
  1. Hogs Head Brewing Co: More of an intimate vibe. It’s smaller area which is great for when you are craving it. The hogs heads on the wall are funny and the beer hits the spot.
  1. Denver Beer Co’s Platte Street: Denver Beer CO has a multitude of locations and NONE of them will ever disappoint. Personally, I prefer going to single brick and mortar brewers rather than larger more incorporated ones. Still an awesome option.
  1. Prost Brewing: If you like the Germán beers than this is the spot for you. I personally love IPAs and they don’t have many of them.

Home Options and Prices in Highlands Denver

When it comes to the Highlands neighborhood in Denver, you’re spoiled for choice with a plethora of housing options, each contributing to the area’s distinct character and allure. From historic bungalows that exude vintage charm to sleek modern lofts and apartments, the architectural blend paints a vibrant tapestry. You’ll find most dwellings in the Highlands boast spacious layouts, contemporary conveniences, and breathtaking vistas.

  1. Varied Residential Styles: Embracing a wide spectrum of architectural designs spanning generations, the Highlands neighborhood in Denver boasts an eclectic mix of homes. These residences, each with their unique personality and allure, come with price tags ranging from $700,000 to well over $1 million. Whether your heart yearns for a Victorian gem, a mid-century modern showpiece, or a cozy craftsman bungalow, the Highlands presents an opportunity to own a truly one-of-a-kind property.
  1. Single-Family Dwelling Diversity: Within the Highlands, single-family homes come in a diverse array of styles and price points. Like the surrounding neighborhoods, these lots will be relatively close together. Their price spectrum is equally varied, ranging from around $450,000 for older homes to over $1 million for modern constructions boasting ample square footage and upscale amenities
  1. Chic Loft Living: If you’re drawn to the fusion of modernity and industrial aesthetics, the loft apartments in the Highlands are an irresistible option. These residences frequently showcase features like exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings, and open layouts. Prices for these sought-after havens start around $400,000 and extend up to approximately $680,000, contingent on location and size.
  1. Rental Residences: Catering to a range of budgets and lifestyle preferences, the rental market in the Highlands offers a spectrum of choices. Studios and one-bedroom apartments generally lease between $1,400 and $2,000 monthly, while more spacious two-bedroom apartments span from $1,800 to $2,600 per month. For those seeking luxury, high-end apartments with top-tier finishes and amenities can command up to $3,200 per month.

Recent Transactions

Recent transactions highlight the growing demand for homes in Highlands Denver. The Highlands offers various housing options to fit different lifestyle needs and budgets. The market is active and in demand, making it a great place to buy and rent a home.

  1. Recent Home Sale: A modernized 3-bedroom, 2-bath single-family home recently sold for $695,000. This residence, featuring an expansive backyard and a modernized kitchen, found a new owner within just days of hitting the market. The swift sale is a testament to the thriving interest within the Highlands neighborhood’s real estate scene.t.
  1. Loft Sale: A charming 2-bedroom, 2-bath loft located within a historic Highlands building was recently purchased at a price of $545,000. This loft, distinguished by its soaring ceilings, elegant hardwood floors, and generous windows that bathed the interior in sunlight, garnered significant attention. The property stirred considerable interest, attracting multiple offers within the initial days of listing.
  1. Rental Transaction: A freshly updated 1-bedroom, 1-bath apartment in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver found a tenant at a monthly rental rate of $1,750. This apartment, complete with contemporary appliances and the convenience of an in-unit washer and dryer, captured the attention of numerous potential renters. Its desirability was evident, as the listing was snatched up within a matter of days.

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The Highlands neighborhood in Denver stands as a true embodiment of blending a captivating past, vibrant arts, breathtaking scenery, and an inviting way of life. Living here is like being a brushstroke in a vivid canvas of existence, a constantly evolving tale of progress and blossoming. Could the moment be any more perfect to weave your narrative into this vibrant tapestry? Get in touch with us now to explore your possibilities!