Living in Arvada, CO – Is Arvada a good place to live?

You’re asking me if Arvada is a good place to live? Well, I would like to begin the article stating that I do indeed live in Arvada. So, I know it better than any town around Denver. Maybe I will be biased? Maybe not. Regardless, ...

You’re asking me if Arvada is a good place to live? Well, I would like to begin the article stating that I do indeed live in Arvada. So, I know it better than any town around Denver. Maybe I will be biased? Maybe not. Regardless, I am going to sell Arvada to you.

Arvada has everything you need from being a young 20 year-old to an elder individual looking for peaceful living.

is Arvada a good place to live?

Many of my clients have asked, “is Arvada a good place to live?” Instead of telling them my answer I take them for a 20 minute stroll past all of my favorite spots. Although Arvada is rather large, I tell people tat living in Arvada is the hidden gem of Denver. Throughout this article, I will be going through all the reasons why you should move to Arvada next. So stick with me, because it will be a lot to follow!

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Living in Arvada – Neighborhood Overview

I come from a large suburban town in New Jersey and Arvada is the closest thing the big hometown vibes I used to have back home. Being such a large town, living in Arvada brings many different vibes.

At the time of writing this article, I am 26 years old. I enjoy being able to bike to a brewery with my girlfriend. This is why I live near Olde Town. This has a younger population due to all of the shopping, restaurants, and places to drink.

If you want a little less hustle and bustle, you can head towards Standley Lake and Lake Arbor. While there is still plenty of places to shop and eat at, you won’t have the larger shopping centers at your disposal.

Finally, if you want to live on or near a golf course, I would head west towards 93 to look for property. There are homes that are more spaced out and can fit a larger family more comfortably.

Is Arvada a good place to live? Does this answer your question yet?

Historic and Heritage of Arvada

  • Origin Story: Arvada’s intriguing history traces its roots back to a time well before Colorado’s statehood in 1876. The city holds a significant place in history as it witnessed the initial discovery of the precious metal that sparked the renowned Gold Rush in the Western United States. Additionally, Arvada played a pivotal role in the development of the Colorado Central Railroad. Interestingly, this region was once a bustling agricultural hub, and the surprise star of its agricultural endeavors was none other than celery!

Culture and Population

  • Population: Like I said, Arvada is large. About 125k currently reside here.
  • Community Engagement: Olde Town is always having community events, from Halloween Trick-or-Treating, to music in the park.

Prime Location

  • Close to City but Far Enough Away: I am not a huge city guy. I own 7 chickens and two dogs. Eventually I’ll have goats and an Emu. Arvada does not give off city vibes at all, buy you are still only 14 minutes from downtown. Even at rush hour, it’s only 20 minutes to get to a Rockies game.
  • Mountain Proximity: On the flip side, you can also take I-70 West and jet to Golden, CO for some brewery and mountain action.
  • i-25: You can also avoid I-70 if needed to reach I-25 which can be very beneficial for people commuting north.
  • Up High: Unlike Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge or other surrounding towns, there are many parts of Arvada that are up high, so you’re able to see the front range.

Arvada’s Hub: Olde Town

My girlfriend and I love hitting Smokin’ Fins in olde town and then walking down to the Harkins Theatre for a movie.

  • Tennyson Street: Just about a 5 minute drive away is Tennyson Street, another poppin’ area for good food and drinks. Check the Grateful Gnome out for a cheesesteak….trust me.
  • Diverse Living: You don’t need to buy a $900k house to live in Arvada. There is a wide array of home types. From Olde Town living, to large 2 story homes, Arvada does not discriminate on homeowners.

Is Arvada a good place to live? Can you see why my answer is yes?

Recreational Activities

When asking if Arvada is a good place to live, considering the recreational activities is a must. Colorado offers numerous recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors alike.

  • Golfing: I am huge golfer. You have Indian Tree and Highland Hills very close. Then you have Legacy Trace, Thorncreek, Colorado National, and Willis Case and in arms distance.
  • Hiking/Running: Golden is very close by. It is very common for my to hit North Table Mountain for a run finished off with a beer.

Schools in Arvada

Arvada has some of the best school in the Denver Area.

Education: Arvada is a very large town, so there are three prominent high schools in the area.

  • Public Schools:
    • Ralston Valley High School: Known for its commitment to academic excellence and comprehensive programs, Ralston Valley High School offers students a wide range of opportunities to explore their interests. The school’s emphasis on fostering a supportive learning environment and encouraging student involvement in extracurricular activities contributes to its strong reputation.
    • Arvada West High School: With a focus on both academic achievement and character development, Arvada West High School stands out as a respected institution. The school’s diverse curriculum and dedicated faculty help students reach their full potential, preparing them for success beyond graduation.
    • Pomona High School: Renowned for its rigorous academics and robust athletics programs, Pomona High School provides a well-rounded educational experience. The school’s emphasis on cultivating critical thinking skills and promoting a sense of community engagement contributes to its standing as a top school in the area.

My favorite spots to eat in Arvada + Drink

alright, I am going to ask you again…. Do you think Arvada is a good place to live?

  • Olde Town Spots:
    • Smokin Fins
      • Honestly, everything here is good and their happy hour is one to take advantage of.
    • Arvada Tavern
      • A little bit more pricey, but the food is worth it.
    • Teocalli
      • Get the Shishito peppers
    • Schoolhouse Libations
      • Food is meh but its a chic and cool spot to get a drink. Their main bar is an old library.
    • Breadwinners Cafe (Breakfast spot)
      • Cheap and never disappoints
  • Non-Olde Town Spots:
    • Corvus Coffee
      • Step aside Starbucks, there’s a new brewer in town.
    • Los 3 Garcias
      • I didn’t know there was any lakefront restaurants in Colorado. This one is a great bang for your buck Mexican spot.
    • Bad Daddys Burgers
      • Franchise spot but it never disappoints. I have had the best burger in my life here.

Home Options and Prices

Arvada, a picturesque city nestled between the heart of downtown and the majestic front range, boasts a diverse array of housing options to suit your preferences. Delve into an in-depth exploration of the real estate scene within this vibrant community:

  • Individual Residences: Within this community, the norm encompasses spacious living within roomy homes featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, spanning around 2,000 square feet. These residences are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, evident in their carefully designed interiors and well-maintained exteriors, which exude a warmth and hospitality. The price range for these properties typically spans from $520,000 to $900,000, presenting a spectrum of investment options that cater to discerning homebuyers.
Recent Transactions
  • Recent Real Estate Activity: Arvada, Colorado, witnessed an impeccable property change hands. A meticulously kept 4-bedroom residence boasting a generously-sized backyard and contemporary conveniences secured a competitive deal, achieving a noteworthy price of $575,000. This transaction serves as a testament to the neighborhood’s potential for delivering substantial returns on investment.
  • Rental Success Story: Arvada’s rental market’s vibrancy is exemplified by a recent leasing accomplishment. A splendid 2-bedroom apartment with a scenic lake view and sophisticated interior design found a tenant, commanding a monthly rental of $1,252. This successful rental underscores the consistent demand for high-quality rental choices within the community.

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Well, is Arvada a good place to live? Your question has been answered.

Embracing life in Arvada, Colorado, comes effortlessly. Arvada embodies an urban haven that artfully harmonizes natural beauty, urban convenience, and a vibrant community spirit. The awe-inspiring landscapes, rich historical heritage, diverse housing options, lively ambiance, and exceptional amenities combine to captivate numerous individuals into choosing it as their home. Within this remarkable neighborhood, the perfect dwelling might be awaiting you, ready to become your haven in Arvada.

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