Living in Lakewood, Colorado

Living in Lakewood Colorado is fantastic. I resided in Lakewood for two years and have many good things to say about my time there. This detailed tour will offer insights into what it is like to live in this town and the benefits and drawbacks ...

Living in Lakewood Colorado is fantastic. I resided in Lakewood for two years and have many good things to say about my time there. This detailed tour will offer insights into what it is like to live in this town and the benefits and drawbacks of living here.

Placed off of I=70 and off 6th Ave, Lakewood offers ease of access to all the things you find important in and around the Denver area. Lakewood is the top spot for someone looking to grab a bite to each and explore what their town has to offer.

As a real estate agent, The Denver Agent always recommend checking this area out. You can jet to the mountains by hopping onto I-70, or rip it into the city for a night out or a sports game.

Living in Lakewood – Neighborhood Overview

Lakewood is probably the most well-rounded, robust, and developed neighborhood within the Denver area. It is also the largest town surrounding Denver. Let me break down why it’s so good.

Historic and Heritage of Lakewood

  • Origin Story: The very first people living in Lakewood Colorado has its roots in the late 1800s when folks with an eye for the potential of the Colorado Gold Rush arrived on the scene. As gold fever swept through, a wave of people flocked to the Denver region, and over time, these pioneers started building their homes near the foothills. These early settlers kickstarted the local communities, relying on small farms, dairies, and orchards to sustain the burgeoning area, essentially laying the groundwork for what would become Lakewood.

Culture and Population

  • Cultural Diversity: Lakewood stands as this massive town that’s just brimming with a wonderfully eclectic culture. Picture it as this intricate tapestry of neighborhoods, each one woven with around 156,600 folks hailing from all sorts of backgrounds. It’s this mix of people that infuses such a lively energy into the community, creating this super inclusive and thriving vibe all around.
  • Community Engagement: There is always a multitude of events to checkout in Lakewood. Bel-Mar shopping center has a pavilion with live music

Prime Location

  • Urban Proximity: Withs its western location, living in Lakewood Colorado put you just down 6th avenue and I-70, living in Lakewood, Colorado gives you quick access for anything to do in the city without much of a traffic headache.
  • Mountain Proximity: On the flip side, you can also take I-70 West or 6th Avenue west and end up right in the front range. This gives you the best of bother worlds with this location.

Green Mountain: Lakewood’s Headquarters

Green Mountain - Lakewood, CO

Green mountain is a VIBE. I love taking my pups there for a nice mountain run. You can enter it in various areas surrounding the mountain.

  • Out-and-About: Living in Lakewood Colorado will bring to you plenty of fruitful shopping centers. I often find myself going to spend a night out in the Bel Mar shopping center with a dinner and a movie.
  • Endless Recreation: Lakewood boasts some of the most parks and open spaces out of any town in the Denver Metro area
  • Diverse Living: Lakewood offers a wide variety of living spaces to purchase/rent making it a well rounded community

Recreational Activities

Living in Lakewood Colorado offers numerous recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors alike.

  • Golfing: While living in Lakewood Colorado, you better become a golfer. You’ve got Fox Hollow, Foothills, Applewood, and Homestead golf courses right at your fingertips. Swing enthusiasts, these are your ultimate links for some quality time on the fairways!
  • Bird Watching: Calling all bird nerds! Lakewood is basically a bird watcher’s haven. Countless feathered friends love hanging out by its shores, so if you’re into spotting our avian buddies, you’re in for a treat.
  • Picnicking: Green Mountain and Bear Creek are both fantastic spots to have an afternoon picnic with your family.
Green Space

The ample green space encourages community gatherings and outdoor sports and offers fun for all age groups.

  • Gatherings Among Neighbors: Lakewood has a yearly block party and a multitude of places where the community gathers. Including a pavilion at Bel-Mar where there is often music playing in the summer.
  • Recreation: The area, transformed into a recreational haven, becomes a canvas for various pastimes suitable for individuals of every generation, granting ample space for athletic pursuits and open-air recreations.
  • Diverse Enjoyment: Catering to the spectrum of interests, the locale caters to amusement that spans from frolic to repose, offering zones for play, unwinding, and adventure, thus ensuring an array of delightful encounters tailored to denizens spanning all age brackets.

Amenities and Facilities in Lakewoo

Lakewood has a lot to offer, not only for views and good housing, but good community facilities and schools.

Education: Lakewood is a very large town, so there are two prominent high schools in the area.

  • Public Schools:
    • Lakewood High School + Green Mountain High School: Living in Lakewood Colorado will put your children in either of these public schools. Both schools are very comparable in their graduation and AP rate. Making both options fantastic for those going through the public schooling program in JeffCo.
  • Private Schools:
    • Beth Jacob High School – The only private high school in the Lakewood area. It is also an all girls school.
  • Colleges and Universities:

Lakewood: All you can eat!

Living in Lakewood Colorado, I got the lowdown on ALL the great dinner and date spots.

  • The Yard House: You will never walk out of here without a smile on your face. I recommend a flight of beers (tell the waiter/waitress to surprise you) and get the Caesar salad, but ass for the Nashville hot chicken instead of regular chicken.
  • Sazza: Sazza is known for its artisanal pizzas and salads made with locally sourced and organic ingredients. The menu offers a variety of creative and customizable options, catering to different dietary preferences.
  • Café Jordano: This Italian restaurant is renowned for its hearty pasta dishes, delicious pizzas, and warm ambiance. The family-friendly atmosphere and authentic Italian flavors make it a favorite among locals.
  • T-Street Roadhouse: T-Street Roadhouse offers a diverse menu featuring American comfort food with a twist. From burgers to tacos to creative salads, their menu has something for everyone. The casual and inviting atmosphere makes it a popular choice.
  • WestFax Brewing Company: While primarily a craft brewery, WestFax Brewing Company often hosts food trucks and pop-up restaurants, offering a rotating selection of food options to pair with their craft beers. It’s a great spot for a casual dinner and a unique dining experience.
  • 4 Barrel Bar & BBQ: If you’re craving barbecue, 4 Barrel Bar & BBQ is a go-to spot. They serve up smoked meats, classic sides, and delicious sauces. The rustic atmosphere and Southern-style barbecue make for a flavorful dining experience.

Home Options and Prices

Lakewood, a beautiful town between downtown and the front range, has a multitude of home styles for you to chose from. Here’s a detailed look at what the real estate market in this neighborhood has to offer:

  1. Ranch Style Homes: Lakewood is a fantastic suburban town and has homes to match the vibe. Like many towns in Colorado, many of the homes are rancher style, but you will find some two-story homes.
  1. Single-Family Homes: In this locality, you’ll find the usual residence to be a roomy house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, spanning around 2,000 square feet. These homes boast tastefully crafted interiors and meticulously cared-for exteriors, radiating a cozy and inviting appeal. Typically, the cost for such properties ranges from $600,000 to $800,000, offering those looking to buy an appealing range of investment opportunities.
Recent Transactions
  1. Recent Home Sale: A beautifully maintained, 4-bedroom house with a spacious backyard and modern amenities was recently sold, fetching a competitive price of $775,000. This sale underlines the potential for impressive returns on investment in this thriving neighborhood.
  1. Loft Sale: A top-floor loft apartment boasting panoramic city views that captivate the eye recently changed hands for an impressive $470,000, reflecting the growing interest in this unique urban living style.
  1. Rental Transaction: A prime example of Lakewood’s rental market’s vitality is the recent lease of a lake-view, 2-bedroom apartment. With breathtaking views and sophisticated interior design, this apartment was rented out for a monthly rate of $1,852, demonstrating the continuous demand for quality rental options in the area.

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Lakewood Lifestyle

Lakewood offers a relaxed yet vibrant lifestyle marked by rich community life, numerous cultural festivals, and an array of culinary experiences.

  • Community Vibe and Lifestyle: Lakewood is a haven where the pace of life dances in sync with urban vitality. The sense of community here fosters a profound belonging, striking a perfect equilibrium between city conveniences and the serenity of lakeside existence.
  • Celebrations and Cultural Delights: This locality comes alive with vivacity during street festivals, art strolls, and farmers’ markets. These gatherings, devoted to local arts, crafts, and delectable delights, nurture a strong communal spirit and spotlight Lakewood’s rich cultural mosaic.
  • Gastronomic Adventures: Lakewood’s dining scene masterfully blends craft breweries and global flavors. Much-loved spots like Yard House and Omega Brewery exemplify the community’s passion for artisanal beer. Each dining escapade beckons you to embark on a tantalizing journey through the diverse culinary tapestry that defines Lakewood.


It is easy to live in Lakewood, Co. In essence, Lakewood stands as an urban sanctuary seamlessly blending natural splendor, city ease, and a strong sense of community. Its breathtaking scenery, storied past, wide-ranging housing choices, lively atmosphere, and top-notch facilities entice countless to make it their residence. Your ideal abode might just be waiting for you right here in this remarkable neighborhood!