The Best Golf Courses in Denver: A Golfer’s Paradise

Denver is one of the best cities for golf, if you are lucky enough to snag a tee time I would recommend hitting one of these courses. Need help with real estate? Want to talk about it over a round?

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The Top Public Golf Courses in the Denver Area

If you’re an avid golfer and you find yourself in Denver, Colorado, you’re in for a treat. Colorado is home to a 306 beautiful golf courses that offer stunning views, challenging fairways, and beers to be drank. In this blog post, we will rank the best golf courses in the Denver and its surrounding areas, catering to both locals and visitors. These rankings of the best public golf courses in Denver are based off of course quality + layout and the amount + level of scenic views. Let’s dive into the rankings and explore what makes each of these courses special.

if you are not interest in reading the whole article, check our YouTube video below on the Top 10 Golf Courses around Denver.

10.) Legacy Ridge, Westminster, CO

Legacy Ridge Golf Course makes the top ten with its scenic beauty and affordability. The course plays relatively short, making it appealing to golfers looking for a better score. The beautiful mountain views and well-maintained fairways contribute to a pleasant round. The standout hole is number five, a drivable par four that offers a chance to impress your friends with a well-executed shot over the water.

Best Denver Golf Courses - Legacy Trace

9.) Murphy Creek – Aurora, CO

Murphy Creek Golf Course is known for its fun and challenging layout. Be prepared to face a true test of skill, with a demanding 495-yard par four as the second hole and a 690-yard par five as the third hole. Sand traps are strategically placed throughout the course, adding to the challenge. There is a ton of sand on this course. I always try to be polite and forewarn everyone that the will need to bring some Corona’s and limes to enjoy since they will be on the beach a lot that day.

Best Denver Golf Courses - Murphy Creek

8.) Colorado National – Erie, CO

Colorado National Golf Club combines scenic mountain views with a rewarding golfing experience. This course features long and challenging par fives, perfect for those who enjoy a lengthier game. To be frank, I should probably move this up on my rankings. The crew, greens, tee boxes, and overall course are always in fantastic shape. $78 bucks with a GPS cart is a damn good deal. I am never a huge fan of restaurants at courses, but most of the time I take advantage of the on-site restaurant.

7.) Fox Hollow – Lakewood, CO

Fox Hallow is on here for the simple fact of it never is in bad shape. Every time I have golfed this course it has been enjoyable. There is not too many hazards on this course either. And for some reason, I always find myself putting very well. The absence of water and sand makes for a more relaxed round, allowing golfers to focus on their game. However, be mindful of the pace of play, as the marshals on weekends expect players to keep up. If you are on a quest to find the best golf courses in Denver, you need to play Fox Hollow before making your own rankings.

6.) Green Valley Ranch – Denver, CO

Green Valley Ranch Golf Club offers an excellent golfing experience at a reasonable price. This course features a dynamic layout that adjusts its pricing based on demand, ensuring a fair value for golfers. The well-maintained fairways and greens, combined with scenic views, make for an enjoyable round. I would bring out the big guns for the 18th par 5. You’ll need all the yardage you can get out of your drive.

5.) CommonGround – Aurora, CO

For an exceptional golfing experience that feels like playing on a private course, CommonGround Golf Course is the place to be. I have heard chatter that the new management is not doing its job, but I am yet to see anything disappointing. The open layout and forgiving fairways make it enjoyable for golfers of all levels. With minimal hazards to worry about, you can focus on perfecting your shots and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. This course is also on the cheaper side compared to others on the list. The final selling point with CommonGround is their offering of a FREE caddy each round. Obviously, you’ll need to tip the man, but this is a sweet offering.

4.) Bear Dance – Larkspur, CO

Voted the number one golf course in Colorado in 2016, Bear Dance Golf Club is a must-play for any golf enthusiast. While this course may be seem tough, you’ll find some holes to give you relief from losing another ball in the trees. I will say, with narrow tree-lined fairways and elevation changes, you’ll need to bring your A-game to conquer this course. The breathtaking mountain views and the occasional wildlife sighting add to the appeal as well.

3.) The Ridge – Castle Pines, CO

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, The Ridge at Castle Pines offers a secluded and private golfing experience. The course is characterized by an plenty of trees, which create a serene and picturesque setting. As you navigate through the fairways, you’ll enjoy stunning views and might even catch a glimpse of the iconic Pikes Peak. The clubhouse offers excellent dining options to complete your day on the course.

2.) Fossil Trace – Golden, CO

Fossil Trace Golf Club stands out for its unique setting and intriguing history. This course is named after the fossils found in the rocks surrounding the fairways. On the famous 12th hole you can actually take a second to go see real life fossils, pretty sick. The layout presents a variety of challenges though. Some of the holes are very narrow and you will constantly find yourself slamming and losing balls into large rocks. Oh, did mention all the damn rocks? However, some holes have banks surrounding the greens. These banks act as a shoot for you ball to funnel into, this is very nice. I would advise that you walk 9 holes at twilight. If the sun goes down, bring some light up golf balls to finish out the round with some fun.

1.) Arrowhead – Littleton, CO

Arrowhead Golf Course is an absolute gem nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. This course offers an experience unlike anywhere in the nation. I often tell friends that have not played it that you feel as if you are playing in Tiger Woods PGA Tour on Xbox.  The challenging layout will put your driver to the test and the picturesque views will make every putt memorable. I will say, be prepared for some strategically placed rocks that might add a touch of excitement to your game. By excitement, I mean a ball bouncing back at you after it smacked a 300×600 foot rock. Oh, and don’t forget your camera, as every hole presents an opportunity for stunning photos.


Denver truthfully is a golfers paradise. The only problem with the game in this area is the need to book tee times way in advanced. Whether you want to feel like you’re in a video game at Arrowhead, or hit into the trees at Bear Dance, each course offers guarantied memories. Whether you’re a local or planning a visit to Denver, be sure to explore these top-rated golf courses for an unforgettable round. Enjoy the stunning landscapes, test your skills, and create lasting memories on the greens of Denver’s finest golf courses.

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