What’s It Like Living in Arvada Colorado: A Suburban Gem

Living in Arvada Colorado gives you access to a premium society. But your lifestyle choices and more will determine what's best for you. Let's check the boxes to get you headed for Colorado.

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Are you curious about what living in Arvada feels like? Or is Arvada the perfect place to call home? Well, you’re in for a treat! Living in Arvada Colorado, has everything you need for an exciting family life

As a realtor in Colorado, it was easier knowing what to spot. Arvada was a major attraction when my girlfriend and I first moved into the Denver suburbs. So, as a CO resident, I have had my share of the good and not-so-pleasant side of Arvada. I went through the top 10 Denver suburbs and I am sure you happy to hear that Arvada made the list. So, let’s explore what makes a living in Arvada Colorado, a great choice.

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Living in Arvada Co: Things to Note

The Location Advantage

Arvada’s prime location is the starting point of its allure. Here’s why the location stands out:

Gateway to Front Range:

Arvada’s proximity to the Front Range gives you access to several exhilarating experiences. Dive into the vibrant city scene by exploring Denver’s cultural attractions. The same goes for the dining hotspots and entertainment venues.

If drawn to the mountains, embark on scenic hikes in iconic spots located only about 20 minutes away. You can try out the Rocky Mountain National Park or venture into Goldens South or North table mountains.

For breathtaking moments, take a drive through the picturesque Clear Creek Canyon. With living in Arvada as your base, you can savor urban and natural adventures.

Escape the Traffic:

Arvada’s soaring popularity reflects in the home prices compared to neighboring areas. With more to do, better schools, and proximity to i-70 and i-25 with lighter traffic, you are going to see a higher average home sale price and cost of living.

However, the homes in Arvada are going to be well built and maintained. Most properties offer thoughtful designs. But please note that the Town offers a denser community outlook. Are you looking for sprawling lots and abundant space? Then, there may be better locations than Arvada, Colorado. Most lots are half acre at most with single story buildings.

Enjoyable Commute:

I always tell everyone Arvada is on the good side of I-70 were there is less traffic. Let’s say it is the end of another workday. Using Arvada’s westbound route gives you access to a seamless commute after work. But you also get to enjoy breathtaking sights as you head home.

En route, you can enjoy the picturesque views of the Front Range. Its majestic peaks and changing hues during sunset are always a delight. Pass by charming local cafes and alluring parks that invite you to pause. You could unwind and soak in the surroundings.

Arvada’s westbound route is more than just a means of travel. It is a scenic journey that enhances your daily experience.

Charming Old Town Vibes:

Old Town Arvada is a charming and cozy small town. You get endless fun and exciting atmosphere beckoning you. Here’s the treasure trove of the delightful Old Town experiences:

Quaint and Cozy Hometown Vibe:

Picture yourself strolling through cozy, cobblestone streets and savoring delectable cuisine. The Old Town offers fresh-brewed coffee from Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters. You can relish in the farm-to-table goodness at School House Kitchen and Libations. You can also treat your taste buds to the fusion of flavors at Steuben’s Arvada.

Every corner of Old Town Arvada offers an unforgettable culinary adventure. As you immerse yourself further, you enjoy relaxation and connection.

Eventful Excursions:

Old Town transforms into a vibrant hub, hosting various events embodying the community’s heart. Experience the enchanting Safe Halloween Trick or local music night treats. Each outing amplifies the Town’s spirited atmosphere.

Whenever someone visits me from out of town, I make it a must for us to walk around Old Town and grab some breakfast, drinks, or dinner.

Expansion Plan:

Brace yourself for an even more enchanting experience at the Old Town. The upcoming expansion plan promises to add more spice and shopping to the district.

Tennyson Street and Beyond

Tennyson Street is a stone’s throw from Arvada. It is an area brimming with positive vibes that include:

Feline-Friendly Fun:

Are you looking to make a memorable impression on your significant other? Look no further than the Cat Cafe. Yes, a space to literally hangout with cats. It is a place for cuddly companions and delightful interactions.

Quality Schools:

Arvada takes pride in its education offerings, boasting reputable public schools. You have schools like Arvada West and Ralston Valley High. Arvada public institutions help promote academic excellence. Their commitment to academic excellence places Arvada schools on the global education stage.

Recreational Delights

Although not in the mountainous plains, Arvada’s recreational activities promote a healthy lifestyle. They include:

Lakeside Serenity:

Experience the tranquility of Stanley Lake and Lake Arbor (just outside Arvada in Westminster). It is a place where the calm waters mirror the clear Colorado skies. These idyllic spots offer flat runs for peaceful walks.

Uninterrupted Jogs:

Living in Arvada’s charming landscape gives you access to large expenses for running. Is it the Wadsworth Boulevard and Ralston Roads? Feel the rhythm of the tranquil neighborhoods of Lake Arbor and Whisper Creek.

Unlike bustling areas, here you can savor each stride without constant interruptions. Unlike living in Denver, working out and living in Arvada is a rare luxury that elevates your fitness journey to a new level of serenity.

Things to Consider When Living in Arvada Colorado

Living in Arvada Co comes with its advantages and disadvantages. But here are some Living in Arvada facts to consider:

1. Home Prices:

Arvada’s popularity comes with an elevated price tag. Thus, it reflects in the Town’s attraction and benefits. Home prices in Arvada are slightly higher than in neighboring areas like Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, or Aurora

But you also enjoy a worthwhile trade-off for the exceptional lifestyle Arvada promises. So, investing in an Arvada home opens the door to a unique blend of amenities and activities. It all helps to promote community spirit for an enriched daily life.

The value you receive extends beyond the confines of your property. That also encompasses the experiences and connections that thrive within this vibrant Town.

2. Not Exactly a Small Town… :

Arvada’s generous expanse offers a dynamic blend of residential and commercial spaces. It offers you an appealing canvas for a variety of lifestyles. Do you envision a close-knit community where neighbors become like family? Certain pockets of Arvada may align more with your desire.

Areas like Olde Town Arvada and the Lake Arbor neighborhood boast a more intimate experience. If you are looking for the small neighborhood community, this is it.

On the flip side, other areas of Arvada may make it feel rather large and overwhelming. The expansive layout offers plenty of choices of quaint residential neighborhoods. Ralston Road and Wadsworth Boulevard are also one of Arvada’s bustling commercial corridors.

So living in Arvada may not be for you if you want the small town vibes.

3. Dense Living:

Arvada’s layout is a tapestry of diverse living arrangements catering to varying preferences. In certain neighborhoods, you have close-knit properties. Their proximity fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared spaces.

The Olde Town Arvada district offers a blend of historic homes and local businesses. Also, closely-knit towns like Lamar Heights and Alta Vista promote social interaction.

But, do you desire a more expansive surrounding Living in Arvada Co? You can enjoy neighborhoods with larger lots and generous spaces. These areas provide room to stretch out and create your private haven. They include neighborhoods like Lakecrest, Whisper Creek, and West Woods Ranch. You get spacious properties with abundant elbow room and privacy.

In essence, Arvada’s diversity is its strength. It weaves together the fabric of close-knit communities with more open spaces. For example, you get the smaller communities with ideal spaces. You also get luxury open spaces, but more expensive. Living in Arvada Colorado ensures you find the perfect lifestyle home.

4. Home Variety:

Arvada’s real estate landscape is a captivating mosaic of architectural styles. It has a variety of housing options for dwellers. The historic Olde Town Arvada homes work well for the modern townhouses. Living in Arvada presents you with a taste of exquisite homes. You get a cozy bungalow and contemporary condo to spice up Arvada’s living conditions.

f your dream home involves an expansive lot, some exploration is the key. Certain areas may lean towards denser properties, with rare gems awaiting discovery. You can journey into neighborhoods like Whisper Creek or West Woods Ranch. There, you find larger lots that cause your imagination to run wild. These pockets offer the luxury of more extensive outdoor spaces. Thus, it beckons you to create your outdoor haven.

5. Urban vs. Suburban:

Living in Arvada Co strikes a balance between urban amenities and suburban charm. Arvada is your canvas if you want a blend of city conveniences and a close-knit community. You should study dwelling situations if you desire a suburban ambiance with tranquility. Arvada offers a wide spectrum of experiences. But it’s wise to align your desires with the Town’s vibrant energy that matches your lifestyle.

6. Expansion Impact:

Brace for the transformative influence of Old Town’s impending expansion. As streets widen and spaces flourish, a ripple effect might shape Living in Arvada CO.

Expect potential shifts in traffic patterns, community interactions, and even home prices.

Why Living in Arvada Co is Worth it

Living in Arvada is no doubt a gem for a delightful life. It offers you an opportunity for a splendid and healthy lifestyle. The strategic locations and memorable places give you all you need for a good life.

From golf enthusiasts to families seeking top-notch schools, Arvada is a must-stay! So, whether you’re a newcomer or considering a move, keep Arvada on your radar.

So, are you intrigued and want to explore Arvada’s real estate landscape? Or do you want to know more about this vibrant community? Why not make me your go-to resource for living in Arvada Co ideas?

Contact me, your Denver agent, and let’s explore the possibilities. We could talk about Denver real estate over coffee or beer. Or we could play golf and discuss your Arvada home needs. I’m here to assist you every step of the way. So why wait? Let’s make Arvada your next home adventure!

How Long Does It Take to Sell a Home in Colorado?

The time it takes to sell a home in Colorado varies depending on market conditions and other factors like the price and condition of your home. It may only take a few weeks in a strong market, but it could take several months in a slow market.

What are the Benefits of Being a First-Time Home Seller in Colorado?

As a first-time home seller in Colorado, you may enjoy some advantages, including:
Less emotional attachment: As a first-time seller, you might have little feelings about the property, making it easier to negotiate and decide based on market conditions.
Greater negotiating power: If your property is in high demand, you may be better positioned to negotiate a higher price.
No previous sales history: Potential buyers might see you as more flexible and open to negotiation if you have not sold a property before.
No past real estate mistakes: As a first-time seller, you likely haven’t made any errors in previous real estate transactions, giving you a clean slate and more peace of mind.
Opportunity to learn: Selling your first home can be a learning experience, allowing you to gain knowledge and insights into the Colorado real estate market and the home-selling process.

What Should I Consider Before Selling My Colorado Home?

Before selling your Colorado home, consider the following questions:
What is your motivation for selling? – Understanding your reasons can help you make informed decisions and set realistic expectations.
What is your desired selling price? – To establish a target price, consider current market conditions and recent sales of similar homes in your area.
Are you willing to make repairs or renovations? – Consider the improvements you may need to make to attract potential buyers and increase your home’s value.
How will you market your home? – Determine the most effective methods for advertising and promoting your property, such as hiring a Colorado real estate agent, listing your home online, or hosting open houses.
What terms of sale are you willing to accept? – Consider factors like the closing date, contingencies, and the buyer’s down payment amount.
How do you plan to handle negotiations and closing? – Decide whether a real estate agent or a lawyer will handle the negotiations and closing, and be aware of the fees and expenses involved.
Are you familiar with Colorado’s real estate laws and regulations? – Familiarize yourself with local real estate laws and regulations, such as tax rules, zoning laws, and other legal requirements.
By considering these questions and being well-informed, you can make selling your Colorado home smoother and more successful.

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