Living in Denver’s Highlands Neighborhood (The Pros vs. Cons)

Living in Denver's Highlands Neighborhood gives you access to ample fun, and its architectural masterpiece. But all of it comes at a high cost. So, here are the Pros and cons of Denver's Highlands.

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Are you considering a move to Denver or a change of neighborhood within the city? Then, you may want to look at living in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood. So, what’s it like to live in the Highlands of Denver?

Denver’s Highlands is a vibrant community with much to offer. But let’s break down the pros and cons of living in Denver’s Highlands. Then you can decide what’s best for you to stay.

I am Ryan Lang, known as the Denver agent. And I’m excited to be your guide as we explore Denver’s Highlands. We’ll delve into the demographic data and more that will help you decide whether this neighborhood is the right fit for you. Let’s dive into the review!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Denver’s Highlands Neighborhood

Pros of living in Highland neighborhood in Denver

1. You Will Never Get Bored in the Highlands:

The Highlands neighborhood is a place where boredom doesn’t exist. Imagine countless Sundays spent wandering from one charming bar to another? You get an opportunity to sample delectable cuisine, and explore the area’s unique charm.

Spots like Avantis and Recess with open seating, welcome you with open arms. The Highlands is a treasure trove of experiences, with new places to discover every month. Do you enjoy getting out of the house, or meeting friends for a drink? Do you love exploring the local scenes? Then, Highland neighborhood in Denver is the community suitable for you.

2. Denver’s Highlands is Right Near I-70:

For outdoor enthusiasts, the proximity to I-70 and I-25 is a game-changer. Are you a skier or love mountain adventures? These highways are your gateway to the stunning Front Range. No need to navigate the entire city, whether you’re coming from Wash Park or Aurora near the airport. It’s all right here.

For frequent travelers, Denver International Airport is a stone’s throw away. You can access DIA via I-70. So, living in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood makes flying seamless.

3. You Are a Stone’s Throw from Downtown:

Living in the Highlands puts you close to Denver’s vibrant downtown. You can hit downtown for a game of football. After that, it’s time to enjoy a few drinks at Happy Camper. Get spontaneous and buy tickets to a Rockies game or a concert.

After the concert you can head over the Highlands Bridge into McGregor Square. The ballpark district offers even more entertainment. Being next door to downtown, does not mean you have to contend with the downsides of downtown living. Highlands has a lower crime rate and a more peaceful environment. That’s some good news for families and individuals too.

4. Impressive Architecture:

One of the unique aspects of the Highlands is its architecture. Here, you’ll find a delightful mix of modern and older homes, some waiting for your personal touch. The diversity of house designs and styles adds character to the neighborhood. Thus, every building in the neighborhood an architectural wonder.

5. Great Community:

Denver’s Highlands takes pride in its strong sense of community. You enjoy events like The Highland Street Fair in June and farmers’ markets during summer. Oktoberfest in October is also another exciting event that bring the neighborhood together. People here are welcoming and friendly. So, you get an opportunity to meet your neighbors and create lasting connections.

6. Tons of Shoppingof Activities:

Shopaholics will love the Highland neighborhood in Denver. And that’s because you can start shopping at jewelry and clothing stores to a various retail shops. At the Highlands you are never far from a great shopping experience. Are you looking for unique gifts or updating your wardrobe, Denver Highlands has it all.

Cons of Living in Highland neighborhood in Denver

1. Denver’s Highlands is Not Cheap:

Living in Denver’s Highlands Neighborhood offers several advantages. But it’s important to acknowledge the higher price tag to own a home in the Highlands.

The average cost of a home in Highlands neighborhood in Denver hovers around $900,000. You can get options in the $650,000 to $700,000 range. But they often come with a smaller footprint. And you can get spacious homes in other Denver neighborhoods for similar price.

There are more affordable alternatives within Denver neighborhoods. We can start the search from Arvada to Broomfield.

Arvada offers a more affordable housing market with diverse options. Broomfield provides a more quiet environment with a range of housing choices. It’s essential to weigh your priorities and budget when hoping to settle in Denver. Consider what matters most to you based on lifestyle and housing.

Arvada offers you the suburban charm. You get the tree-lined streets and a strong community spirit. The housing market in Arvada is generally more affordable compared to Denver’s Highlands. It different housing options, which includes single family homes and condos. It is an excellent choice for families, professionals, and retirees.

Arvada also boasts several parks, trails, and recreational opportunities. That’s why it is an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Arvada also boasts several parks, trails, and recreational opportunities. That’s why it is an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Broomfield is another fantastic option, offering a quiet and tranquil suburban lifestyle. The housing market is diverse, with various choices to suit different budgets. Broomfield also has exceptional school districts that’s excellent for families.

The city places a strong emphasis on maintaining open spaces and parks. So, you have ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

2. Very Popular and Touristy:

No doubt, the Highlands neighborhood in Denver is a hot spot. You can get the best options for socializing and entertainment. Try local bars and restaurants like Happy Camper, Avantis, and Recess. They are always abuzz with activity.

Don’t forget The Highland Street Fair in June. Also notable is the vibrant farmer’s markets throughout the summer and the Oktoberfest. ALl these events pull in crowds in their hundreds.

Denver’s Highlands boasts a more mature and receptive crowd when compared to other urban areas. But do you need a serene and tranquil atmosphere? Then, the Highlands might not be your ideal choice. It’s due to its popularity and influx of people enjoying the vibrant social scene.

What’s It Like to Live in the Highlands of Denver?

If you are living in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, you get the best of two worlds. You enjoy a vibrant urban lifestyle. It also offers easy access to the mountains and outdoor adventures. Denver’s Highland gives you a unique blend of activities, community, and architectural beauty.

So, if asked, is Highland Denver a good place to live? The pros and cons of living in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood are not peculiar to Denver. Remember, every society has own its advantages and disadvantages. Your priority or lifestyle will determine what works best for you.

Denver’s Highlands is a good place to live. The vibrant urban lifestyle, lively community, and proximity to downtown are some perks. How about easy access to major highways, impressive architecture, and abundant shopping opportunities?.

All the perks of living in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood come at a higher cost. That’s because it is a popular and bustling area. So, do you prefer the hype and constant activity of an urban neighborhood? Do you appreciate architectural diversity and want to invest in the community? Then, the Highlands could be an excellent fit for you.

But if you prefer a more tranquil environment, let’s explore other Denver neighborhoods. Whether Denver’s Highlands is a good place to live depends on your lifestyle and budget.

Are you interested in exploring the Highlands neighborhood in Denver further? Do you still have questions about Denver real estate? Don’t hesitate to contact your Denver Realtor, Ryan Lang.

We hope this review helps you make an informed decision about Denver’s Highlands. Please let me know your thoughts below about Denver’s Highlands. I look forward to seeing you soon in the Denver area. Bye for now!.

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What are the Benefits of Being a First-Time Home Seller in Colorado?

As a first-time home seller in Colorado, you may enjoy some advantages, including:
Less emotional attachment: As a first-time seller, you might have little feelings about the property, making it easier to negotiate and decide based on market conditions.
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How will you market your home? – Determine the most effective methods for advertising and promoting your property, such as hiring a Colorado real estate agent, listing your home online, or hosting open houses.
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